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  • A Pauper and his Brother knocked on Baron Rothschild’s Door…

    Chutzpah is…

    A certain pauper and his brother visited the famous Jewish philanthropist Baron Rothschild every month.

  • The Coming Flood

    As a result of climate change, a new flood is predicted by the world’s top scientists. They announce it will be horrendous, wiping out over 70 percent of the world’s population.

  • The Rabbi’s Watch

    Naughty little Benny stole the Rabbi’s gold watch. That night he couldn’t sleep, so the next morning he went to the Rabbi’s office before school.

  • Lady, I’m Not A Nice Man

    She hurried into the pharmacy, got the medicine, and hustled back to the car. Only then did she realize she’d locked her keys inside.

  • The Brisket

    A young mother is preparing brisket one Friday for Shabbat dinner. Her little daughter watches with interest as she slices off the ends of the brisket before placing it in the roasting pan. 

  • If The Man Who Found This Is A Liar And A Thief

    A poor Jew finds a money clip with $700 in it. At his synagogue, he reads a notice saying that a wealthy congregant lost his money clip and is offering a $100 reward. 

  • The Complaining Congregant

    During his first service leading the community, the new rabbi noticed an older congregant walk over to the synagogue president and demand rather loudly that the air conditioning be turned down because it was too cold. 

  • A 3,000 Year Old Mummy

    A famous Israeli archaeologist was digging in the Negev when he discovered a mummy – a highly unusual occurrence. 

  • Dear Lord, Lend Me Strength To…

    “Dear Lord, so far today, I haven’t gossiped, haven’t lost my temper, haven’t been greedy, grumpy, nasty, selfish, or over-indulgent. But…”

  • Shabbat With The Mayor

    In an effort to better understand his Jewish constituents, the Mayor reached out to a popular Rabbi. The Rabbi invited the Mayor to spend Shabbat at his home…

  • Praying for Rain

    Once in the old country, it hadn’t rained for months. Hunger was setting in, and the villagers were getting desperate. The Rabbi decreed that all the men would pray for rain on a nearby mountaintop.

  • The Debutante Ball

    An evening of polite conversation, proper dancing, and a bit of punch. Oh, no Jews.

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