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  • 🤣 Shoe Repair

    Yankel found a 40-year-old ticket for shoe repair.

  • The Praying Parrot 🤣

    No one believed Yankel, so he started taking bets.

  • Who Said My Father Died? 🤣

    Yitzy visits the doctor for his annual  check-up.

  • The Memorial Wall 🤣

    The rabbi noticed little Sammy staring up at the plaque in the lobby.

  • Tell Me Something Positive 🤣

    Esther and Shmuly Rothenberg are getting ready for bed.

  • Sam Goes To Church 🤣

    Sam goes on a business trip to a new city and can’t find a synagogue.

  • Back in the U.S.S.R. 🤣

    In the 1970s, a Red Army school inspector questions a boy in class. “Who is your father?” “The Soviet Union.” “Who is your mother?” “The communist party.” “And what do you want to be when you grow up?” “I want …

  • The Concert Hall 🤣

    A visitor to Israel attends a performance of the Philharmonic…

  • That’s a Lot of Pills! 🤣

    Mrs. Goldberg hasn’t been feeling well, so she goes to the doctor.  He listens to her extensive list of concerns, performs the examination, and returns with three bottles of pills. “When you wake up, please take 3 green pills with …

  • Business Experience 🤣

    Diamond runs into his pal Goldberg at the mall. “Goldberg, it’s been months! How’s that new company going with Silverman?” “Well, like I told you we formed it, I put in the money and Silverman put in the business experience. …

  • Two Beggars Sit Outside The Vatican…🤣

    Two beggars are sitting outside the Vatican. One displays a large cross, the other a Jewish star…

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