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  • Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

    Few people understand what Einstein discovered. Even fewer understood it while he lived.A crusty old Jew from the old country once asked his grandson what all the fuss was about.

  • A Rabbi, A Hindu Priest, And A Politician Went Hiking

    Choose your hiking companions wisely…

  • The Aisle Seat

    Old Syd Finkel was very particular about air travel…

  • Napoleon’s Jewish Commander

    After winning a battle that vastly expanded his empire, Napoleon summoned his commanders to a celebration. Each was offered a reward…

  • The Richest Man In Town Dies

    The richest man in town dies. Many mourners come to his funeral, including Mendy the poor tailor.

  • Shlomo, Why Are You Reading An Arab Newspaper?

    Shlomo is on the train reading a newspaper, when his friend Mendel walks in. “Shlomo, why on earth are you reading an Arab paper?”

  • “I vont to go India and see de guru.”

    Mitzi Feingold, an aging lady with a Yiddish accent, called her travel agent and said, “I vont go to India and see de guru.”

  • An Anti-Semite Walks Into A Bar

    An anti-semite is drinking in a bar. He notices a Jew sitting at a table nearby and doesn’t like it. “Bartender! A round of the good stuff for everyone except him!”

  • Leaving Moscow with Lenin

    An old Jewish man finally got his visa to leave the USSR and emigrate to Israel. At the Moscow airport, a customs official found his bust of Lenin.

  • A Rabbi In Line To Enter Heaven

    A rabbi dies and finds himself waiting in line to enter Heaven. The guy ahead of him has a shaved head, gold chains, leather jacket, and shades. 

  • Two Burglars Come Down A Chimney…

    A young man knocks on the door of a great Talmudic scholar.  “I graduated fromHarvard summa cum laude in philosophy, and received a PhD from Yale. I’d like to round out my education with a bit of Talmud.”

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