Selling Ties To The Taliban 不

The fleeing Taliban terrorist met an old Jew selling ties.

A fleeing Taliban terrorist, desperate for water, was plodding through the desert when he saw something in the distance.

Praying it wasn’t a mirage, he hurried toward the object only to find a little old Jew standing beside his weathered display rack, selling ties.

The terrorist blurted, “Give me water!”

The old man replied, “Sorry, no water. Would you like to buy a tie? They’re only $5.”

The terrorist screamed, “Idiot! Infidel! I don’t need an over-priced western adornment. I spit on your ties! I need water!

“Sorry, no water, just ties. Pure silk, and only $5.”

“Fah! A curse on your ties! I’d twist one around your scrawny neck and choke the life out of you but . . . I must save my strength and find water!”

“Nu,” said the little old Jew, so you don’t want to buy a tie from me, and you hate me, call me infidel and threaten my life. But I’m bigger than all of that, so I’ll tell you that if you go west, over that hill for about two miles, you’ll find a restaurant. They serve the finest food and all the ice-cold water you could ever drink. Go in peace.”

Grumbling another curse, the desperate Taliban terrorist staggered west, over the hill.

Several hours later, he crawled back, nearly dead, and gasped, “They won’t let me in without a tie!

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Image: Eddie Jaku, Auschwitz survivor and 100 years young.

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