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  • Woman of Valor

    She smuggled the child in a potato sack.

  • Auntie Truus, the Forgotten Rescuer

    The childless woman who was mother to thousands.

  • Great Lady of the Resistance

    She survived two concentration camps.

  • She Saved An Entire World

    Forty people owe their lives to her.

  • Dutch Resistance Hero

    She felt it was her duty as a Christian.

  • A Village of Heroes

    All 117 inhabitants stepped up to save lives.

  • Ten Brave Belgians

    Father Hubert refused to tell the Germans anything, even under brutal interrogation.

  • The Heroic Nanny

    Antonina Gordey was a Russian nanny who saved a little Jewish girl by pretending she was her own illegitimate child.

  • Père Jacques

    Père (Father) Jacques was a Carmelite priest who took in Jewish refugees during the Holocaust and became a leader of the French Resistance, at the cost of his own life.

  • The Man Who Escaped From Auschwitz

    Witold Pilecki was a Polish Resistance fighter who smuggled himself into Auschwitz to verify and report on the atrocities happening there.

  • Killed For Giving A Condemned Woman A Sip Of Water

    Annette Epaud was a French woman who managed a popular cafe in La Rochelle. After the Germans invaded France in 1940, Annette contributed to the Resistance Movement by giving free meals to resisters.

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