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  • Père Jacques

    Père (Father) Jacques was a Carmelite priest who took in Jewish refugees during the Holocaust and became a leader of the French Resistance, at the cost of his own life.

  • The Man Who Escaped From Auschwitz

    Witold Pilecki was a Polish Resistance fighter who smuggled himself into Auschwitz to verify and report on the atrocities happening there.

  • Killed For Giving A Condemned Woman A Sip Of Water

    Annette Epaud was a French woman who managed a popular cafe in La Rochelle. After the Germans invaded France in 1940, Annette contributed to the Resistance Movement by giving free meals to resisters.

  • The Ringmaster Who Saved Jews

    Adolf and Maria Althoff were German circus owners who put their own lives at risk to save a family of Jewish acrobats during the Holocaust.

  • The Christian Who Saved Jewish Children

    Premysl Pitter was a Czech Christian who cared for hundreds of orphaned Jewish children during and after the Holocaust.

  • The Young Priest Who Wouldn’t Baptize a Jewish Child

    Josefa risked her life to save the boy from the Nazis. After learning that his parents had been murdered, she wanted him baptized. The priest said no.

  • An Arab Holocaust Hero

    Dr. Mohamed Helmy was an Egyptian urologist in Berlin who saved a Jewish family during the Holocaust despite great risk to himself.

  • The Lutheran Pastor Who Fought Hitler

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a Lutheran pastor in Nazi Germany whose opposition to Hitler cost him his life.

  • The Chinese Diplomat

    Ho Feng-Shan was a mild-mannered diplomat who saved thousands of Austrian Jews between 1938 and 1940.

  • The Muslim King Who Saved Jews

    King Mohammed V of Morocco saved his country’s 250,000 Jews from persecution and death at the hands of France’s pro-Nazi Vichy regime during the Holocaust. 

  • A Mayor and a Bishop who Took a Stand

    When World War II broke out, there were 275 Jews living on the Greek island of Zakinthos. The island’s Mayor and Bishop risked their own lives to make sure the Jews were safe.

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