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  • Modern Day Philosophers

    I sit down with comedian Danny Lobell for a hilarious session on umbrella stabbings, Harvard rowing, bad performance art and Mexican weed. 

  • The Summer Solstice And Judaism – Bring On the Clouds!

    The longest day of the year is a time when God’s presence is most concealed. Even on a hot, cloudless day, however, the Sages’ words of Torah aroused moisture in the air, which in turn created the beautiful semblance of a rainbow.

  • Shnooks at Sinai!

    A you-are-there parable based on the greatest moment in human history!

  • Accidental Talmudist On The Road To Uman 2017

    I like praying in rowdy congregations, so I expected to enjoy the Uman experience. What I got was so much more!

  • How To Create Change According To God And The Berdichever Rebbe

    To communicate effectively with people who disagree with us – especially those who are on the fence and can actually be won over – we must tailor our words to the listener. 

  • Two Burglars Come Down a Chimney

    A young man with degrees from Harvard and Yale decides to study Talmud….

  • An Anti-Semite Walks Into A Bar

    An anti-semite is drinking in a bar. He notices a Jew sitting at a table nearby and doesn’t like it. “Bartender! A round of the good stuff for everyone except him!”

  • The Thief And The Pomegranate Seed

    Before his hanging, the thief made an offer.

  • Curing Jewish Ignorance

    Too many Jews are turning their back on something they don’t even know. I was one of them.

  • The Secret to Chanukah

    Rosh Chodesh Chanukah, 5773 (2012)
    I wrote the Secret to Chanukah late last night. Between then and now, I heard the horrific news coming out of Newtown, CT, where a mass murder occurred in an Elementary School.

  • Lady, I’m Not A Nice Man

    She hurried into the pharmacy, got the medicine, and hustled back to the car. Only then did she realize she’d locked her keys inside.

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