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Salvador Litvak is an author, filmmaker, and spiritual leader. He was born in Santiago, Chile and moved to New York at age five. Sal graduated from Harvard College, NYU Law, and UCLA Film. His first movie, the raucous and inspiring When Do We Eat?, became a cult hit and Passover tradition. His next film, the historical epic Saving Lincoln, explored the 16th president’s crisis of faith as he leads the nation through its darkest hours. The film pioneered a new visual style called CineCollage that places actors within a world crafted from authentic period photography.

Sal’s newest film is Guns & Moses, an action-thriller about a beloved small-town rabbi who becomes an unlikely gunslinger after his community is violently attacked. The film stars Mark Feuerstein, Neal McDonough, Alona Tal, with Dermot Mulroney and Christopher Lloyd.

Sal wrote all three films with his wife and writing partner, Nina Davidovich Litvak.

A pair of miracles propelled Sal on his faith journey, leading him to become the Accidental Talmudist. He and Nina share daily posts on Jewish wisdom, history, and humor with over one million followers in 70 countries.

See Salvador’s extended bio.

Nina Davidovich Litvak grew up in New York City and graduated from Columbia University. She co-wrote the feature films When Do We Eat?, Saving Lincoln and Guns & Moses. Nina creates original content for Accidental Talmudist including 2-3 weekly teachings on the parsha and inspiring hero stories every Thursday.  

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