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Salvador Litvak is a Hollywood film director who became the Accidental Talmudist after an unexpected miracle launched him into seven years of daily Talmud study. Sal’s Accidental Talmudist blog, podcast and live shows reach over a million followers in 70 countries.

Viewers love his signature brand of smart, exuberant Judaism that’s accessible to all, from Chassidic to secular. Sal speaks all over the world, leaving audiences inspired and deeply moved. He is an ideal speaker, presenter or emcee for any event. 

Topics include:

  •  An Evening With The Accidental Talmudist – How an immigrant kid from Chile ended up directing movies in Hollywood and sharing Torah with a million people. 
  • Daf Parsha – The Torah-Talmud Connection – Sal connects the day’s scheduled Daf (page of Talmud) to the week’s Parsha (Torah portion) via characters and themes. Expect inspiration with flair. Great for all ages. Every talk different. Duration flexible. Featured speaker, opening remarks or fill a sermon slot. An excellent component when building a scholar-in-residence Shabbaton with the Accidental Talmudist. 
  • The Soul – Who were you before you signed up for a human lifetime? Why did you do it? What can you learn from Judaism’s perspective on soul, birth, death, afterlife and reincarnation…?

  • When Do We Eat? The rollercoaster tale of the most Jewish film ever made in Hollywood.

  • Modern Politics and Talmudic Discourse – The more divided we become as a society, the more we can learn from our Sages on how to advocate for our causes in a manner that will actually open hearts, change minds and win votes. (View a version of  this talk delivered at the National Jewish Retreat.)

  • Master Class with Hollywood Director – Sal goes deep into a scene from one of his feature films, breaking down its elements, revealing its hidden Torah, and sharing entertaining stories from the production.

  • Clean Speech in the Home – How the Talmud helps us identify and avoid lashon hara, the prohibited, damaging speech that alienates us from our loved ones. 
  • Shnooks At Sinai – Experience the Greatest Moment In Human History from the perspective of two guys in the back row who make surprise contribution.
  • Saving Lincoln – I went head to head with Steven Spielberg and I’m still standing!

  • AT on the Torah Portion – As a filmmaker and accidental talmudist, Sal brings a unique perspective to the weekly Torah portion. 

With the broad reach of his Facebook page, Sal can also help you promote your event. 

“Salvador’s heartfelt address at the closing event was very powerful, and generated much discussion among the Chabad emissaries from around the world… I look forward to helping Salvador take his message, wisdom, and passion for Torah and yiddishkeit to Chabad Centers across North America and beyond.”
– Rabbi Ephraim Mintz, Executive Director, The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute

“The response to Salvador Litvak’s Accidental Talmudist talk at Partners in Torah’s Winter Retreat was extraordinary. Speaking to an audience of 400, he inspired, amused, elevated, and left a permanent impression on the religiously diverse crowd.”
– Rabbi Eli Gewirtz, National Director, Partners In Torah

Sal was one of the most unique and inspiring speakers we’ve ever had. Our students loved An Evening With The Accidental Talmudist.”
– Alex Amchislavskiy, Hillel Campus Director, Colorado State University

“I had the privilege of hearing Salvador Litvak speak multiple times at a Limmud conference in Australia. He attracted a large crowd and captivated them with his wit, charm, and inspiration.”
– Gil Hoffman, Chief Political Correspondent and Analyst, The Jerusalem Post

“Sal Litvak weaves autobiography with philosophy, links his personal story with the story of the Jewish people and humanity at large, and uplifts with his enormous sense of good will and hope for the future.  He is a treasure, and everyone who can should expose themselves to him, his writing, his teaching, his speaking, his very being.”
– Rabbi Adam Kligfeld, Senior Rabbi, Temple Beth Am, Los Angeles

“Sal Litvak is an incredibly inspiring and warm speaker. He is a master communicator with a great message. Many attendees shared with me how moved they were by his talk. Listening to Sal, I felt the world a warmer and more connected place. Best of all, not one person nodded of during his Friday night talk!”
– Rabbi Yossi Mendelson, Machane Chodosh, Forest Hills, NY

“Salvador Litvak is an enthralling speaker. The story of his Accidental Talmudist journey deeply impressed me, and the whole room, at the event I attended.”
– Lisa Bloom, New York Times bestselling author, civil rights attorney at The Bloom Firm, NBC News legal analyst

“We’ve hosted many politicians, athletes, New York Times bestselling authors, etc. and without a doubt Sal Litvak was one of our best. Sal brings a passion that cannot be imitated or faked. He also has a likable presence in the room. People gravitate towards Sal, and his message can give goose bumps.”
– Jordan Mandelberg, The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles

Sal is a very impressive individual with a powerful personal story. He engaged all who attended with humour, spirituality and deep meaning. Attendance was excellent for the organized events. I strongly recommend introducing Sal to your community for an evening or Shabbaton.”
– Rabbi Asher Jacobson, Congregation Chevra Kadisha, Montreal, Canada

Recent & Upcoming Appearances

Featured Speaker
Light of Infinite Festival
Virtual Event 

When Do We Eat? Screening and Q&A
Congregation Beth El
Vorhees, NJ

Keynote Address
Adat Shalom Board Retreat
Los Angeles, CA

Key Speaker
Museum of Jewish Heritage – Legacies Series
New York, NY

Key Speaker
Maccabi USA
National Broadcast

Scholar In Residence
Chabad of Agoura Hills
Agoura Hills, CA

Featured Speaker
Siyum HaShas
Los Angeles, CA

Keynote Speaker
Clean Speech Colorado
Denver, CO

Keynote Speaker
OU Visionary Forum
Los Angeles, CA

Opening Remarks
Chabad Centers Unity Event
Thousand Oaks, CA

Scholar In Residence
Upscale Getaways Pesach Retreat
Niagara, Ontario

Artist/Scholar in Residence
Pasadena Jewish Academy
Pasadena, CA

JLI National Jewish Retreat
Providence, RI

Scholar in Residence
Chabad of the Shore
Long Branch, NJ

Scholar in Residence
Congregation Machane Chodosh
Forest Hills, NY

Scholar In Residence
Upscale Getaways Pesach Retreat
San Diego, CA

Scholar in Residence
Pacific Jewish Center
Venice, CA

Emcee – Team Friendship Shabbaton
Miami Marathon
Miami, FL

Scholar In Residence
Upscale Getaways Pesach Retreat
San Diego, CA

Featured Speaker & Honoree
Rohr-JLI Conference & Expo
Brooklyn, NY

Accidental Talmudist Shabbaton
The Kollel
Vancouver, BC

An Evening With The Accidental Talmudist
The Jewish Experience
Denver, CO

When Do We Eat? Screening and Q&A
An Evening With The Accidental Talmudist
JCC Boulder

When Do We Eat?
Screening and Q&A
Beth El
Durham , NC

When Do We Eat?
Screening and Q&A
Adat Shalom
Los Angeles, CA

Chesed Award Honoree
Chai Center Banquet
Los Angeles, CA

Accidental Talmudist Journey
Milken Community Schools
Los Angeles, CA

Shabbaton with Salvador Litvak
The Chevra
Montreal, Canada

How Do You Receive Torah?
Shavuot Learning
Temple Beth Am
Los Angeles, CA

When Do We Eat? screening
Hillel at CSU
Fort Collins, CO

Artist-in-Residence Weekend
Temple Beth El
Boca Raton, FL

Partners in Torah Winter Retreat
Appearing with Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau
Former Chief Rabbi of Israel
Stamford, CT

How We Made Saving Lincoln
UCLA Producers Program
Westwood, CA

LimmudLA Fest
Brandeis-Bardin Institute
Simi Valley, CA

Talmudic Filmmaking
Camp Ramah
Ojai, CA

Limmud OZ
Melbourne, Australia

Kiddush & Kiddushin
Chabad of Melbourne
Melbourne, Australia

Love in the Talmud
Shira Hadasha
Melbourne, Australia

Rosh Hashanah Live
Sinai Temple
Los Angeles, CA

Sampling of film screenings with Q&A:

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum

Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival (Opening Night )

Palm Beach Int’l Film Festival (Opening Night)

Jacob Byrne Film Center w/ Janet Maslin

San Diego Film Festival (Best Screenplay)

San Francisco Film Festival (Best Comedy)

Lake Tahoe Film Festival (Best Director)

Jerusalem Film Festival

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