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  • The Irish Priest Who Saved Thousands

    Hugh O’Flaherty was an Irish Catholic priest and the leader of an anti-Nazi resistance group in Rome.  He saved 6500 Jews and Allied soldiers, and his ability to outsmart the Gestapo earned him the nickname “The Scarlet Pimpernel of the …

  • The Priest Who Stood Up to Hitler

    He knew it would cost him his life.

  • The Black Holocaust Educator

    He bore witness to evil.

  • The Nazi’s Daughter

    Albert Speer’s daughter created a foundation to support Jewish women in the arts.

  • Father of the Jews

    He took his campaign to save Jews directly to the Pope

  • The Muslim Diplomat Who Saved Jews

    Behiç Erkin was Turkish ambassador to occupied France.

  • Père Jacques

    Père (Father) Jacques was a Carmelite priest who took in Jewish refugees during the Holocaust and became a leader of the French Resistance, at the cost of his own life.

  • The Man Who Escaped From Auschwitz

    Witold Pilecki was a Polish Resistance fighter who smuggled himself into Auschwitz to verify and report on the atrocities happening there.

  • The Ringmaster Who Saved Jews

    Adolf and Maria Althoff were German circus owners who put their own lives at risk to save a family of Jewish acrobats during the Holocaust.

  • The Christian Who Saved Jewish Children

    Premysl Pitter was a Czech Christian who cared for hundreds of orphaned Jewish children during and after the Holocaust.

  • The Filipina Fighting For The Jewish State

    Staff Sgt. Joana Arpon, 20, is a proud combat soldier serving in the Israeli Defense Force. Unlike her comrades in the IDF, she isn’t an Israeli citizen or Jewish. So why did she volunteer to serve?

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