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Accidental Talmudist lights up the darkness with Jewish WISDOM FOR ALL!

NOW MORE THAN EVER! Accidental Talmudist shares the light of Jewish wisdom with over a million souls around the world, giving them spiritual and practical tools to live more righteous, meaningful lives!

THIS IS A MATCHING CAMPAIGN! All donations are doubled thanks to our generous matchers.

Thank God, we are reaching unprecedented numbers of people through AT Daily! – Sal’s new Talmud class attended by 3000+ students a day, Nina’s Thursday Heroes, the weekly Table For Five, as well as our traditional Torah, humor, wisdom, holidays and prayer posts. Last year we also produced over 400 videos and launched the AT Podcast.

By contributing today, you become our partner in sharing Torah with the world, a tremendous merit for you in both this world and the next!

Suggested amount for dedicating an episode of AT Daily! is $180. (Minimum is $54)
Please include dedication info on next screen if gift made in honor, memory or healing of a loved one.

Accidental Talmudist is a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

– Pay our staff & vendors
– Produce AT Daily!
– Produce videos, memes, podcasts and articles that entertain & inspire
– Grow our global community through marketing and other efforts

Note: it takes a a little time for new donations to be reflected on campaign page.


Accidental Talmudist is a 501(c)3 nonprofit

Campaign Donors

    Mailing address:
    Accidental Talmudist
    5042 Wilshire Blvd. #170
    Los Angeles, CA 90036

    I think that you are simply the best teacher of Talmud. You take the deep teachings and present them in simplicity and succinctness.

    Fred R. (Pomona, CA)

    You are an outstanding teacher and a real mensch. Thank you for all of your time and energy that you take to share the Daf with us each day. It is greatly appreciated!

    Neil G. (Fredericksburg, VA)

    Thank you for breaking this all down for me. I’m Jewish but learning about my heritage and religion for the first time as an adult. I love your content!

    Jessica M. (Hoboken, NJ)

    I appreciate you very much and I’m wanting to learn more about my Jewish heritage!

    Dale H, Louisiana

    Gems of wisdom and inspiration radiate from you like high energy subatomic particles!

    Ernest S, Los Angeles

    It strikes me that one of the teachings of the Rebbe was that we should bring yiddishkeit to all places on earth. You and Nina are clearly doing just that!

    John S, Sedona AZ

    Thank you for all you do. You make it so easy to interpret the Talmud. I have tried to listen to Rabbis before joining Sal’s learning session but it was not too successful. English is not my native tongue but Sal’s explanations give me an opportunity to truly apprehend and learn these wonderful texts.

    Yehudit S, South Carolina

    I was diagnosed with ALS over nine years ago. I listen to AT every day. Because I can no longer speak I couldn’t find a suitable program to study Talmud. Then my “accidental” moment – I heard Sal being interviewed and I immediately started my daily AT! Looking forward to the next class!

    Evan Y, Florida

    This has moved me so much. I have started being so much more aware of Shabbos and it is such a gift and blessing.

    Callie B, Alabama

    So so grateful for you both Sal and Nina. Really really enjoy your classes. I catch the replay every day. Thank you for your clear accessible teaching.

    Kevin B, Israel

    Not Jewish but I love your talks!

    Ozkan O, Turkey

    Your enthusiasm and consistent energy are wonderful and inspiring! I appreciate your directness and enthusiasm.

    Rabbi Mark B, Flushing NY

    This is incredible! Thank you for making the Talmud more accessible!

    Y. Rosen, Brooklyn

    You have inspired me to further my studies! I am so thankful for the connection I have with this. I live in a remote location and I relish this illuminated study! Thank you!

    Steve D, St. Louis

    I wanted to say Yasher Koach! Love your efforts spreading Yiddishkeit far and wide!

    Mark G.

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