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  • A Bumpy Flight 🤣

    A priest and a rabbi are flying to the Holy Land when the plane experiences heavy turbulence. They struggle to remain calm until the pilot announces that the engines are failing and everybody should brace for a water landing. In the …

  • I Couldn’t Meet My Soulmate Until I Met My Soul

    A New Year’s Eve love story that almost wasn’t.

  • The Ethical Will of Eleazar of Mayence

    These are the things which my sons and daughters shall do at my request…

  • Resistance Leader: Père Jacques

    He made his school a refuge for Jews.

  • Christmas In Jerusalem With My Beautiful Mom

    Good Shabbos! Ten years ago today, I toured the Old City of Jerusalem on Christmas Day with Mom. My film “When Do We Eat?” was playing in the Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival, and Mom seized the chance to visit Israel with me – something we’d never done together.

  • My Soul Is Not A Thing – It’s A Channel

    The night I experienced the reality of my soul.

  • The 10th Commandment, Tony Kushner, And Me

    The Ten Commandments prohibit murder with just two words, while the prohibition on coveting includes fifteen. The no-coveting rule is the 10th Commandment – the climax of God’s revelation at Sinai. Why?

  • I’m Salvador, And I’m A Complicated Jew

    I was recently asked, “Sal, what kind of Jew are you?” It was not a rhetorical question.

  • Getting High In The Holiest Place on Earth

    Israel in general, and Jerusalem in particular, is a tangibly holy place. During my recent journey, I connected with its spiritual energy everywhere I went, and I was changed by it.

  • I Saw My Grandmother’s Soul Leave Her Body

    I know the soul exists. Perhaps that’s not a big claim given how often people talk about souls. Despite all that attention, however, it remains difficult to know what the soul is, and how it affects our lives.

  • A Peek Behind God’s Curtain

    I have had two deep mystical experiences that redirected my life. Without them, I would not be the man, husband, son, father, writer, director, or Jew I am today.

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