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Even a poor person who is kept alive by charitable funds must give charity from what he receives.
– Shulhan Aruch, Yoreh De’ah 248:1

I created Accidental Talmudist so I could share the wisdom of Judaism’s oral tradition. I hoped to connect with people like the guy I’d been – a seeker who was never really sure what he was seeking.

I thought the project would take a few minutes a day and if we got lucky, Nina and I might create a community of a few hundred souls. To our astonishment, Accidental Talmudist kept growing… and growing… and growing. We now have over a million followers in 70 countries who come to us for authentic Jewish teachings and daily inspiration. Our community is diverse and includes people from a wide variety of faiths, ethnicities, locations and backgrounds.

What they have in common is a desire to learn and grow spiritually. 

Our newest show is 🛎 A.T. Daily!, a Talmud study class I teach live on Facebook and YouTube seven days a week. The class, which started in January 2020, follows the Daf Yomi cycle of learning Talmud one page a day. At that pace it will take 7.5 years to complete the Talmud, and with God’s help I hope to lead this community through the entire vast compilation of Jewish law and lore.

We receive daily messages from both Jews and non-Jews whose lives have been transformed by this work.

Nina and I are humbled and gratified by these results, but we are keenly aware that we could be doing so much more.

Our budget needs include:

  • marketing so we can share the light of Torah with more people
  • salaries for our staff
  • digital equipment and infrastructure
  • video production
  • nonprofit development and communications

Your tax-deductible donation makes this crucial work possible!

Accidental Talmudist is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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