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  • She Advised Presidents

    Suspected of being a spy

  • The Young Resistance Fighter

    After losing his entire family, Frank refused to go down without a fight.

  • The Jewish Civil War Hero

    Leopold Karpeles was a Czech-born Jewish immigrant to Galveston, Texas who earned a Congressional Medal of Honor in the American Civil War.

  • The Teenage Fighter Pilot

    Lydia Litvyak was a Russian fighter pilot during World War II and the first female to shoot down an enemy plane.

  • The Young Priest Who Wouldn’t Baptize a Jewish Child

    Josefa risked her life to save the boy from the Nazis. After learning that his parents had been murdered, she wanted him baptized. The priest said no.

  • The Princess Spy

    Noor Inayat Khan was an Indian princess, devout Muslim, and Allied spy who sacrificed her life to fight the Nazi war machine.

  • The Nazi Killer

    Nancy Wake was a gutsy journalist from Australia who became a leader of the Allied resistance and killed a Nazi with her bare hands.

  • The Rabbi Who Denounced Slavery… In 1861

    Rabbi David Einhorn risked life and career by denouncing slavery from his Maryland pulpit in 1861. Other clergymen throughout the South, including rabbis, had pointed to the laws governing slavery in the Torah as a justification for continuing the practice in America. 

  • The Portugese Consul General

    Aristides De Sousa Mendes, Portugal’s consul-general in Bordeaux when Germany invaded France, saved 30,000 people by providing Portuguese visas against the orders of his superiors.

  • The First Israeli Field General

    David “Mickey” Marcus was the first man buried at West Point who died fighting under another nation’s flag. Only two weeks before, he had been appointed as field general for the fledgling state of Israel – the first man to hold that post since Judah Maccabee 2,100 years earlier.

  • The Man Who Embodies Heroism

    Recently researchers at Hebrew University conducted an extensive survey of young Israelis, asking the question, “Who embodies heroism to you?” 

    Over and over, they heard the same name: Roi Klein.

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