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  • Can Science Detect the Divine Soul?

    Physicist Daniel Friedmann uses the scientific method to prove that we have an eternal soul.

  • How Nina Found Her Soulmate

    Nina shares her story: how being a buddy led to finding and marrying her soulmate.

  • Accidental Talmudist On The Road To Uman 2017

    I like praying in rowdy congregations, so I expected to enjoy the Uman experience. What I got was so much more!

  • My Soul Is Not A Thing – It’s A Channel

    The night I experienced the reality of my soul.

  • Day 2704 – What is a Soul?

    One week to go. After seven and a half years of reading Talmud, only seven days and seven pages remain until the Daf Yomi cycle renews. G-d willing, I will attend the massive celebration called Siyum HaShasat MetLife Stadium in New Jersey next week, along with nearly 100,000 other Jews. I can scarcely believe it.

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