• All In Good Time! 🤣

    A poor man finds God while walking through a forest.

  • Heir Seeks Wife 🤣

    Yitzy discovered that he stood to inherit a large fortune upon his father’s death.

  • The Beef Barley Soup 🤣

    “What’s wrong, Morrie? You’ve had that soup every day for 30 years.”

  • Behind Every Successful Man 🤣

    There’s an old saying about husbands and wives…

  • A Healthy Diet 🤣

    Abe was an eater, and his favorite foods were the classics…

  • The Lone Soldier 🤣

    During the Six-Day War, the enemies of Israel identified a hill of great strategic importance, and when they realized it was guarded by a lone Israeli soldier, they sent in a platoon to attack immediately. Thirty minutes later, the whole …

  • A Bumpy Flight 🤣

    A priest and a rabbi are flying to the Holy Land when the plane experiences heavy turbulence. They struggle to remain calm until the pilot announces that the engines are failing and everybody should brace for a water landing. In the …

  • Yitzy & The Lamppost 🤣

    He was looking for his car keys

  • Lazer The Ugly Butcher Gets A Date! 🤣

    “Don’t tell me, after all these years, you have a match for me?”

  • Don’t Drink, Don’t Smoke 🤣

    When a shabby derelict asked Yitzy for two dollars…

  • 8th Day on AT Live!

    Welcome Jewish music superstars 8th Day on AT Live! 

  • Her New Apartment 🤣

    I’ll scream for joy when I see you!

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