A Bumpy Flight 不

Staying Calm

A priest and a rabbi are flying to the Holy Land when the plane experiences heavy turbulence. They struggle to remain calm until the pilotannounces that the engines are failing and everybody should brace for a water landing. In the midst of the ensuing panic, the priest is surprised tosee the rabbi make the sign of the cross.

Thankfully, the plane lands safely in the Atlantic ocean. As they wait on the raft to be rescued, the priest turns to the rabbi.

“I noticed you made the sign of the cross at 20,000 feet. Perhaps it was your conversion that delivered us all from destruction!”

“Well, I share your relief at our deliverance, but it wasn’t on my account. I was just making the usual emergency check: spectacles, testicles, walletand cigars.”

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With thanks to our dear friends Father Jason VanBorssum and Rabbi Yonah Bookstein

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