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  • RUN-DMC and Rebbe Nachman

    In youth, one learns to talk; in maturity, one learns to be silent.

  • A Teacher Like Mrs. Schreiber

    The Talmud is completely unlike any other book of law. It records contradictory opinions, illustrative anecdotes and mystical allegories because it is actually a study guide for teacher and student.

  • A Note to Young Rabbis from a Passionate Jew

    I was recently invited to give a talk to rabbinical students. The first thing I did to prepare was ask my kids, β€œWhen have you seen a rabbi being excellent?”

  • The Bride With Many Souls

    On the 15th of the Hebrew month of Av, the maidens of Jerusalem would go out dressed in white garments and dance in the vineyards.

  • Made in God’s Image

    Rabbi Akiva would say: Beloved is humanity, for we were created in the image [of God]

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