Fish Heads Make You Smarter! 🤣

Shimmy asked Max, "How did you get so witty and wise?"

Shimmy asked Max, “How did you get so witty and wise? You always make the brilliant comment.”

“Don’t tell anyone, but the secret is the fish heads I sell in my store. I make a soup out of them, and it speeds up my brain.”

“Really? How much do you sell the fish heads for?”

“50 bucks a pound.”

“Pretty good deal if they make me as smart as you.”

“Pretty good.”

“OK, I’ll take five pounds.”

A week later, Shimmy walks into Max’s fish shop.

“You liar! You cheat! Nobody buys fish heads – that’s why they’re so cheap. And you unloaded them on me for 50 bucks a pound!”

“See? You’re getting smarter already.”


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