🛎 AT Daily! 482 – 💔 Today’s Learning Dedicated To Those Who Perished In Meron 🐐Yoma 19

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Topics covered:

Chapter 1, Mishna 4, 5 Psalm 20 for the healing of the injured in Meron. The Elders kept the High Priest up all night on Yom Kippur. One tactic was reading aloud the most gripping books of the Bible: Job, Ezra, Chronicles, Daniel. Which chambers of the Holy Temple did the High Priest use during his sequestering? Where was he trained in the complex physical ritual of bringing the incense offering? The Sanhedrin met in the Chamber of Hewn Stone, where they also examined the qualification for service of all Kohanim, Priests. The Elders made the High Priest swear an oath that he was not a Sadducee. He cried that he was suspected and they cried that they were forced to suspect him. Suspecting the innocent will eventually make you sick! The tale of the Sadducee who did become High Priest, offered the incense in a prohibited manner, and died. They also kept him up at night by singing Psalm 127: If Hashem does not “build” (approve) the house, then the builders labor in vain. All the High Priest’s actions must be for the sake of Heaven.

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