🛎 AT Daily! 483 – 👿 The Prosecuting Angel Satan Is Powerless On One Day Of The Year 🐐 Yoma 20

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Chapter 1, Mishna 6 A beautiful story about one page of Talmud, a son, a father, and Rabbi Moshe Feinstein. Staying awake with the High Priest on the night of Yom Kippur led to unintended consequences. Sweeping the ashes off the altar in the morning was done at sunrise on most days of the year. Was it heralded by the call of a rooster or the call of the Temple Crier? Rav and Rabbi Sheila disagreed in an amusing incident that revealed Rav in a locale where he was not recognized and revealed what an “amora” actually means: a disseminator, i.e. a repeater for the speaker before a large crowd. The amoraim humbly considered themselves to be disseminators of the teachings of the tannaim.

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