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  • Holidays Passover: Inner Pharaoh
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  • Featured 🛎 AT Daily! #1558-1559 🧸 Rummagers, Dismantlers and Tappers, Oh My! 🧣 Bava Metzia 42-43
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  • Heroes Woman Warrior: Mildred Harnack
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  • Humor The Coming Flood 🤣
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  • Torah Shemini: Fins And Scales
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  • Table For Five Tazria:  A Humbling Experience
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  • Chapter 3, Mishna 8, 9, 10 Topics covered: What is relevance of how bailee carries money? What does “bind up money in your hand” mean? What is Talmudic method for diversifying your portfolio? Where is blessing found and not found? …

  • Chapter 3, Mishna 7Topics covered:What is relevance of bailee’s motivation for moving barrel on his property?When a thief returns what he stole, is it necessary for him to inform the owner?How are theft laws similar to storage laws?What is relevance …

  • Chapter 3, Mishna 5, 6Topics covered:What is formula for calculating decrease of produce?What causes decrease?What is difference if deposit was a large measure?How to define a large measure?Why are there different numbers if same measure was used in both cases?What …

  • Chapter 3, Mishna 4Topics covered:What is property of a captive?What is property abandoned by owner?What is property forsaken by owner?What is property of a minor?In which of these cases does the court allow, or appoint a steward?Who is qualified to …

  • Chapter 3, Mishna 4Topics covered:Why can’t bailee touch produce in his possession?Why can’t bailee sell the produce?What is meaning of term “therefore” in this context?What is relevance of rate of deterioration?What is relevance of one preferring one cob of his …

  • Chapter 3, Mishna 3Topics covered:What if two people deposited different amounts of money with one person, when they come to collect each claims he made larger deposit?What if bailee doesn’t know who he owes money to?What if deposits come in …

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