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  • Holidays Moshe Storch Sings to God!
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  • Featured 🛎 AT Daily! #1243 💀 It Is a Mitzvah to Fulfill The Statement of the Dead 🪶 Gittin 15
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  • Heroes The Female Saboteur: Vitka Kempner
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  • Torah Nasso: Different Tribes, Same Gifts
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  • Table For Five Nasso: Are You Listening?
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  • Topics covered:Chapter 1, Mishna 6, Chapter 2, Mishna 1What is status of gift before it reaches recipient? Is saying “deliver” the same as “acquire” in this context? If both sender and recipient died before gift acquired, who gets the money? …

  • Topics covered:Chapter 1, Mishna 6How does one take possession of movable property? How are requirements different for deathbed request? Can owed money be transferred to another person? What about one who says give bill of divorce/manumission on deathbed? If deathbed …

  • Topics covered:Chapter 1, Mishna 5What are differences between certificate of manumission and certificate of divorce? Can agent acquire something on one’s behalf even without being appointed by him? Can one seize property on behalf of a creditor? Can a non-poor …

  • Topics covered:Chapter 1, Mishna 3, 4, 5Can Samaritan or other gentile be a witness to a document? What is relevance of who signed first, a gentile/samaritan or a chaver? Do witnesses all have to be present at same time? Are …

  • Topics covered:Chapter 1, Mishna 1, 2What if two witnesses say the get is a forgery and two say it’s legitimate? How are laws of divorce equal to laws of manumission? Can illiterate person act as witness? What about bills written …

  • Topics covered:Chapter 1, Mishna 1Is a boat located in the Mediterranean Sea considered to be in land of Israel for purposes of this law of requiring the declaration? What is inside and what is outside the land of Israel? What …

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