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  •   Topics covered: Chapter 23, Mishna 2 Continuing our discussion of practices prohibited on Shabbos because they are like business dealings. One may not read from a list to count expected guests expected at a Shabbos meal. One may draw …

  •   Topics covered: Chapter 23, Mishna 1 Business dealing prohibited on Shabbos by Rabbinic decree. Now we study some situations that may or may not fall under this restriction. We may borrow jugs of wine or oil on Shabbos for …

  •   Topics covered: Finishing Chapter 22, Mishnas 4,5 Rav Huna shares the counterintuitive teaching that people who are particular about their clothes may not dust them off on Shabbos, while people who are not particular may do so. We may …

  •   Topics covered: First a word about bar Kamtza from Destruction of the Temple story as we leave Tisha b’Av. He was not just some guy who fell afoul of the party host – he was a malicious, self-hating Jew …

  •   Topics covered: Chapter 22, Mishas 1, 2 Difference between olives/grapes and other fruits in terms of squeezing liquid on Shabbos. Fish brine, pickled veggies and boiled veggies. Digression based on a teaching of the School of Menashe re testimony …

  •   Topics covered: Chapter 22, Mishna 1 Examining whether fruit that seeps out naturally from pomegranates on Shabbos is permitted for drinking. Answer depends on whether the owner intended the pomegranates to be used for eating or drinking. If the …

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