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  • Topics covered: Chapter 1, Mishna 2 Another Key Daf! We’ll be divided into three groups on the Day of Judgment. God tips the scales for most people in their favor because He is merciful, but there will be an accounting …

  • Topics covered: Chapter 1, Mishna 2 Key Daf! Four times a year we’re judged for different purposes. Some say every day, some say every hour. How does Rosh Hashana connect to Yom Kippur? Which actions will cause us to be judged …

  • Topics covered: Chapter 1, Mishna 1 Grapes and olives differ from all other fruits in one important way. An esrog that grew in the 6th year of the Sabbatical cycle and was picked in the 7th, do we tithe it?  

  • Topics covered: Chapter 1, Mishna 1 The new year for grain, wine, fruit trees, and one particular tree may depend on when it was picked or when it was formed, and when the bulk of its rain was collected in the …

  • Topics covered: Chapter 1, Mishna 1 What is the connection between the springtime month of Nisan and the process of adding a leap month to the Hebrew calendar? Why did ancient Israelites rent houses in the winter? Why does God …

  • Topics covered: Chapter 1, Mishna 1 Catch-up show! Highlights from six pages, including Rosh Hashana is the Day of Judgement for all peoples, and the day on which Joseph was pulled from prison and became the second most powerful man in …

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