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  • Holidays Shavuot Special Edition: A Lesson From Ruth
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  • Featured 🛎 AT Daily! #1660-61 🪓 Be My Guest 🪟 Bava Basra 26-27
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  • Heroes The Rabbi of Buchenwald: Rabbi Herschel Schacter
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  • Humor Three Brothers, Three Beers
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  • Torah Shavuot Edition: A Unified Nation
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  • Table For Five Balak:  Divine Intervention
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  • Chapter 2, Mishna 12Topics covered:How far from neighbor’s field does a tree need to be planted?Why is rule different in EY and Bavel?What is necessary distance between palm tree and vines?Should a productive fruit tree ever be cut down?Who has …

  • Chapter 2, Mishna 10, 11Topics covered:Where can and can’t one establish a tannery?What is relevant of “frequent” re: winds/tannery?What does it mean that G-d’s presence is in the west or the east? Isn’t G-d everywhere?How are winds different that come …

  • Chapter 2, Mishna 7, 8, 9Topics covered:If dove chick is found between 2 dovecotes, who owns it?When does majority take precedence over proximity?What if unknown corpse is found between two towns?What is relevance of bird/creature that hops?What is relevance of …

  • Chapter 2, Mishna 3, 4, 5, 6Topics covered:Can outsiders sell wares in town every day or only on market day?What courtesy is extended to Torah scholars?How to determine if stranger is Torah scholar?What did Adda bar Abba do wrong re: …

  • Chapter 2, Mishna 3Topics covered:When do you have a right to ask neighbor to keep quieter?Can one prevent neighbor from opening store in courtyard?How does orphan learn without father to teach him Torah?What was Yehoshua ben Gamla’s proclamation re education?Can …

  • Chapter 2, Mishna 1, 2Topics covered:What reduces dimensions of window/space so corpse tumah doesn’t come through?If an item that has a use, does that reduce dimensions?Why do scraps of fabric reduce dimensions of window?Does piece of dead animal dangling reduce …

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