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  • Topics covered: Chapter 2, Mishna 1, 2 Beds, tents, bulls and the extreme measures taken by the rabbis and a few zealous families to ensure that the “waters of purification” were drawn by children who were guaranteed never to have …

  • Topics covered: Chapter 1, Mishna 13, Chapter 2, Mishna 1 Mats for sleeping or roofing on the sukkah? Who was Rabbi Hiyya? Sleeping under the bed in the sukkah, and Rebbi’s brilliant and respected slave, Tavi.

  • Topics covered: Chapter 1, Mishna 11 Sukkahs compared to porticos, teepees, tents and lean-to’s. What if you intend to do it, but you miss it? What if you simply can’t build a sukkah?

  • Topics covered: Chapter 1, Mishna 11 In seeking to understand the law of a breached roof from Rabbi Yehuda bar Elai as he learned the law from his father, we digress to learn another teaching with the same provenance regarding …

  • Topics covered: Chapter 1, Mishna 11 A lesson in the Ten Commandments and roadside ethics from Reb Yoel Kahn. A tribute to the late great Jackie Mason. How does the width of a hole in the roofing of a sukkah …

  • Topics covered: Chapter 1, Mishna 9, 10 Learning about the permissibility of suspended walls (reaching neither the ceiling nor the floor) in sukkah from the law of suspended partitions and carrying on Shabbos.

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