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  • Holidays Sukkot: Sages and Sukkahs
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  • Featured 🛎 AT Daily! #1364 🥜 Let’s Go Nuts 💍 Kiddushin 47
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  • Heroes Jew Saved 600 Children: Walter Suskind
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  • Humor “I vont to go India and see de guru.” 🤣
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  • Torah Haazinu: Song of Moses
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  • Table For Five Sukkot Edition: End Game
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  • Topics covered:Chapter 2, Mishna 2Can woman be betrothed with dates that she ate but each one was worth less than one peruta? When we link items without a conjunction, do we mean AND or OR? What can create pigul? Can …

  • Topics covered:Chapter 2, Mishna 1What happens if minor gets betrothed without permission of her father? Does she require a get to end the marriage? Can a man marry his ex-wife’s sister? What is levirate marriage procedure when deceased man had …

  • Topics covered:Chapter 2, Mishna 1Can an agent become a witness? If someone lends money in presence of witnesses, does money have to be repaid in presence of witnesses? Does a young woman or her father acquire bill of divorce? What …

  • Topics covered: Chapter 2, Mishna 1 Does agent have same legal status as principal? Can agent do something that is to person’s disadvantage? Can orphans protest court decisions? What is legal difference between inheriting land vs movable property Is there …

  • Topics covered:Chapter 2, Mishna 1Can a man create engagement through his agent, rather than himself? What about a woman? Can a man betroth his daughter to a man when she is a minor? Can you appoint an agent to represent …

  • Topics covered:Chapter 1, Mishna 11, 12Is there a righteous person who is not good? Is there a wicked person who is not evil? Why do certain mitzvot get rewarded in this world and the next? What do they have in …

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