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  • Heroes Polish Social Worker: Irena Sendler
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  • Torah Tzav: Will We Nourish The Eternal Flame?
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  • Table For Five Shabbat HaGadol: A Better Tomorrow
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  • Topics covered:Chapter 9, Mishna 7Zav and zava – different kind of impurity, gonorrhea like discharge – emissions but not sexual emissions. If he emits ziva liquid twice, any further discharge is also considered ziva. But we check the ask the …

  • Topics covered:Chapter 9, Mishna 5, 6Ritual impurity of graves does not apply to gentile graves because their impurity is not imparted via a tent (applies to one walking over a grave). Three corpses buried in one spot or discovered for …

  • Topics covered:Chapter 9, Mishna 4Somebody goes into cave to immerse for one of two reasons: became impure for dead/now immersing to purify, or just to cool off. Then he finds out a corpse was floating in pool. Either way, he …

  • Topics covered:Chapter 9, Mishna 3, 4A slave can’t take a vow that interferes with rights of his owner. If slave makes nazirus vow that he can’t fulfill and then runs away, does he have to fulfill vow? He’s free, but …

  • Topics covered:Chapter 9, Mishna 1, 2Gentiles are included in laws of valuations, in that they can be the subject of an erech vow. They can bring an olah offering and they can make a vow to bring that offering. But …

  • Topics covered:Chapter 9, Mishna 1Laws of nazirus don’t apply to non-Jews. Greater stringency for women than slaves because master can override slave’s nazirus, but a husband or father can’t override for wife/daughter (after allowing the vow to stand initially). Biblical …

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