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  • Holidays Shavuot Special Edition: A Lesson From Ruth
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  • Featured 🛎 AT Daily! #1602 🎬 The Wicked Say Much & Don’t Even Do a Little 🧣 Bava Metzia 86
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  • Heroes Extraordinary Ordinary Woman: Jeanne Brousse
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  • Humor New Guy At The Pool
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  • Torah Shavuot Edition: A Unified Nation
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  • Table For Five Bechukotai: An Eternal Covenant
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  • Chapter 7, Mishna 1Topics covered:Why did king send messenger to hunt down Rabbah bar Nachmani?Why did messenger’s face turn around?What’s difference between studying Torah on earth and in heavenly academy?How can Sages in heaven disagree with God?Why was Rabbah chosen …

  • Chapter 7, Mishna 1Topics covered:What is story of Yosei, the wayward son of Rabbi Elazar?Why couldn’t Yosei be buried in cave with father and grandfather?Why did Rebbi exert himself so much to save wayward sons of great rabbis?Why does verse …

  • Chapter 7, Mishna 1Topics covered:How did Rabbi Yochanan and Reish Lakish meet?When a knife or sword is being fabricated, when is it considered to be finished?How could R’ Yochanan publicly mention Resh Lakish’s past as a bandit ?Why was R’ …

  • Chapter 7, Mishna 1Topics covered:What is employer’s responsibility to feed laborers?is employer obligated to pay worker’s travel expense?What is relevance of these phrases:“You make darkness and there is night”?“beasts of forest”?“the sun rises and they slink away”“And couch in their …

  • Chapter 6, Mishna 5, 6Topics covered:If collateral is lost, is loan always lost?What is relevance of law of lost item to bailees?When is holder of collateral like a paid and when like an unpaid bailee?What if lender wants to use …

  • Chapter 6, Mishna 5Topics covered:When is borrower who doesn’t return item on time exempt from liability?What is status of borrower who keeps item past due date because he can’t return it yet?What is someone buys item for gift with arrangement …

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