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  • Holidays Passover: Inner Pharaoh
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  • Featured 🛎 AT Daily! #1565 ❤️ Aligning Your Mouth With Your Heart 🧣 Bava Metzia 49
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  • Heroes Heroine of Warsaw: Niuta Teitelbaum
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  • Humor The Businessman and the Torah Scholar
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  • Torah Shemini: Fins And Scales
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  • Table For Five Metzora: A Plague Upon Your House
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  • Chapter 4, Mishna 1Topics covered:What constitutes an act of bad faith?Can one ever make a commitment that they have no intention of keeping it?If someone reneges on a verbal commitment does that mean he acted in bad faith?Is seller who …

  • Chapter 4, Mishna 1Topics covered:What if someone accepts deposit and denies it?How are transactional business laws an opportunity for holiness?What are two types of deposit?If money changing hands is not trigger for transaction, why is that me’ila? (i’m confused)When is …

  • Chapter 4, Mishna 1Topics covered:What can nd can’t be an item of symbolic exchange?How can you sell land and movable goods in one transaction?What is relevance of Boaz and Ruth to law of symbolic exchange?When can produce be used as …

  • Chapter 4, Mishna 1Topics covered:Are coins acquired by means of a transaction of exchange?What is property that is being used as monetary value?How is appraisal of grain different from appraisal of coins?What if property-for-money transaction is converted into a property-for-property …

  • Chapter 4, Mishna 1Topics covered:If you turn produce into currency, does that sacralize currency? Can you trade it for different kind of currency?Are coins relative to produce currency or commodity?Can we desacralize produce with gold dinars?What about second tithe produce?Why …

  • Chapter 3, Mishna 10, 11 Chapter 4, Mishna 1 Topics covered: What is relevance of witnesses to misappropriation? Is law always in accordance with Rabbi Akiva? Does owner need to know if thief returns what he stole? What if someone …

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