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  • Holidays What Is Tu B’Shvat?
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  • Featured 🛎 AT Daily! #1515 ☠️ The Resurrection of Rav Kahana! 🐂 Bava Kamma 117
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  • Heroes Morris “Two-Gun” Cohen: Helped Create the State of Israel
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  • Humor The Great Debate
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  • Torah Ki Tisa: See For Yourself
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  • Table For Five Ki Tisa: Fourth Commandment
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  • Topics covered:Chapter 10, Mishna 6, 7Is robber responsible for reimbursing owner if thugs were about to steal everything anyway? Is one who intermingles terumah with another person’s non-sacred produce liable to pay fine? Are liabilities ever incurred simultaneously? Is Jew …

  • Topics covered:Chapter 10, Mishna 5, 6How to separate terumah if all of produce is impure? What if you buy produce but you’re not sure if it was tithed? Can you give impure oil to a priest? Why is there more …

  • Topics covered:Chapter 10, Mishna 4, 5What if someone recognizes his stolen items in possession of someone who purchased it? Can we force current owner to give/sell back to him? Is a rumor considered evidence? Can we take property from someone …

  • Topics covered:Chapter 10, Mishna 3When is witness excommunicated? When is Jewish land owner excommunicated for who he sells to? Can a Jew sell land to non-Jew if there is risk to his Jewish neighbor? Is Jewish land owner responsible for …

  • Topics covered:Chapter 10, Mishna 2Can you violate shaatnetz prohibition to avoid paying corrupt customs agent? Is it permitted to deceive a gentile? Can you ever lie to a gentile? Are we required to return a lost object to a gentile …

  • Topics covered:Chapter 10, Mishna 1Does robber have to return same item he robbed? Are minors responsible for paying? Can minors litigate in court? What happens if there’s an absentee defendant? Can defendant appeal to a higher court? How is document …

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