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  • Topics covered: Chapter 6, Mishna 4, 5 A beautiful reading from the machzor (Yom Kippur prayerbook) on the parts of the High Priest’s service we’re covering now. What does the High Priest do with the carcasses of the bull and …

  • Topics covered: Chapter 6, Mishna 3 Why was the goat sent to Azazel and pushed off a cliff? Why such a horrific death? What/where is Azazel? Which sins are specifically addressed by the rite of the scapegoat?

  • Topics covered: Chapter 6, Mishna 2 Why did R’ Eliezer refuse to answer certain questions from his students and a wise woman? How did the other Sages feel about R’ Eliezer? An abridged version of the Oven of Achnai story. …

  • Topics covered: Chapter 6, Mishna 1 Day of Calling Out will be June 27! Info to follow. A disqualified animal stands to die a horrible death according to one opinion, so the Rabbis dig deep into the halacha to save …

  • Topics covered: Chapter 6, Mishna 1 Let’s not wait until we’re cringing in a foxhole to cry out to our Creator! Rav and Rabbi Yochanan debate what to do with the surviving goat from the first pair, when a second …

  • Topics covered: Chapter 6, Mishna 1 A beautiful story about the Lubavitcher Rebbe and his beloved wife Chaya Mushka. A paradox: if you slaughter an offering outside the Temple, you’re liable for violating the Torah law against slaughtering offerings outside …

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