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  • Topics covered: Chapter 14, Mishna 1, Chapter 15, Mishna 1 Do we have an obligation to prevent a minor from eating meat from an unslaughtered animal? This matters because a deaf-mute was similar to a minor before the law in …

  • Topics covered: Chapter 14, Mishna 1 Examining marriage by Torah law vs. marriage by Rabbinic law in the cases of a minor, a deafmute, and an imbecile. The latter is is regarded as “uncertain,” and this has consequences in the …

  • Topics covered: Chapter 13, MIshna 8, Chapter 14, Mishna 1 What if a yavam and yevama marry, but never consummate the union? Do they require a bill of divorce, or chaltizah, or both? What if the yevama has a co-wife? …

  • Topics covered: Chapter 13, MIshna 6, 7, 8 These cases of incomplete marriage between a husband and a minor or a deafmute – whether because partial or uncertain – create additional complexities when the husband dies childless and leaves a …

  • Topics covered: Chapter 13, MIshna 5, 6 How does the law of marriage by rabbinic law (in the case of a marriage to a minor or a deafmute) as opposed to by Torah law (in the case of a legally …

  • Topics covered: Chapter 13, MIshna 3, 4, 5 A minor girl can refuse the man to whom her family married her. What if he divorces her? Can she marry another man, refuse him and return to the first husband?   …

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