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  • Topics covered: Begin Chapter 9, Mishna 3, 4 What do Pesach Rishon (Passover) and Pesach Sheni (the second opportunity to bring the Paschal offering for people disqualified from bringing it on Passover) have in common, and how do they differ? …

  • Topics covered: Begin Chapter 9, Mishna 2 In ascertaining how far a person must be from Jerusalem to be excused from bringing the Korban Pesach, the Passover Offering, the Sages digress to examine the relative sizes and distances of the …

  • Topics covered: Begin Chapter 9, Mishna 1, 2 How does the Pesach Sheni relate to the korban Pesach, the Passover offering? What are the consequences for missing the first, and what for the second? Depends on why you missed them! …

  • Topics covered: Begin Chapter 8, Mishna 9 The challenge of “This is the day!” from Psalm 118. The acute mourner and the Paschal lamb. Moving bones from crypt to ossuary. The recent convert and the Paschal lamb – a dispute …

  • Topics covered: Begin Chapter 8, Mishna 7, 8 Sanctification of the New Moon. Slaughtering the Pascal lamb on behalf of people fit to eat it now, but who may not be fit by tonight, like acute mourners, one digging for …

  • Topics covered: Begin Chapter 8, Mishna 6 Why are we commanded to REMEMBER TO FORGET Amalek? May we slaughter the Passover lamb on behalf of one who is tamei, ritually impure, at this moment and therefore unfit for the lamb, …

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