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    • Topics covered: Chapter 1, Mishna 1, 2, 3 What can we deduce from certain unclear grave markings? Why did the Sages send agents into the farm fields to inspect and uproot prohibited mixtures of “diverse kinds?” Why did they stop …

    • Topics covered: Chapter 1, Mishna 1 On the intermediate days of a Festival one may attend to the needs of the public even if it requires strenuous effort, but what qualifies as a need of the public? Marking graves so …

    • Topics covered: Chapter 1, Mishna 1 What is the excessive exertion that prohibits certain kinds of work from being done on the intermediate days of a festival? What does this mean in practical terms today? Can we derive 6th year …

    • Topics covered: Chapter 1, Mishna 1 How do we derive from the Torah what kinds of labor are prohibited during the seventh year of the Sabbatical cycle of the land? How is this related to the kinds of work permitted …

    • Topics covered: Chapter 1, Mishna 1 What kind, and how much, work may be done during the intermediate days of a Festival (Passover or Sukkot)? Depends on the consequences of not doing the task and how strenuous it will be. …

    • Topics covered: Chapter 4, Mishna 6 Torah readings for festivals. The might and humility of God are inextricably connected. How to handle, roll, and read from a Torah scroll. Why we chant when we study Torah and Talmud. #Judaism #halacha …

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