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  •   Topics covered: Involve yourself in Shabbos prep! How many meals are we obligated to eat on Shabbos? Three. How do we know that? We may wash Friday night plates for Shabbos lunch, but we may not wash the plates …

  •   Topics covered: Drawing the connection between saving a Torah, its casing and whatever else is inside the casing from a fire on Shabbos, and flaying a Passover lamb on Shabbos when Passover falls on Sunday. If saving a Torah …

  •   Topics covered: Why do the verses of Numbers 10:35-36 constitute their own book of the Torah? Do we rescue blank folios that were once part of a Torah scroll from a fire on Shabbos? What about the sacred books …

  •   Topics covered: Opening Chapter 16, and emotional, counter-instinctual laws regarding a fire that breaks out on Shabbos. Life must of course be saved, but most property cannot due to extinguishing, carrying, and preparation-for-use restrictions on Shabbos. The Sages, however, …

  •   Topics covered: Shabbos isn’t something we have to do so much as it’s something we get to do! We honor God and Shabbos by dressing up. This also applies during the week (though to a lesser extent since Shabbos …

  •   Topics covered: One may temporarily repair/replace the rope of a bucket in a well, but not by replacing it with a rope and knot that could become permament. Rabbi Yehuda disagrees with Rabbi Meir and holds that a bow …

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