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  • Topics covered: Chapter 6, Mishna 2, 3 Per the prophecies of Zechariah and Ezekiel, we examine how a stream of living water will flow from the Third Temple and become a river that flows out of Jerusalem to four seas …

  • Topics covered: Chapter 6, Mishna 1 What was the Ark of the Covenant? What was in it besides the Tablets of the Ten Commandments? Was the original Torah Scroll inside it too? Was there a second Ark that was carried …

  • Topics covered: Chapter 5, Mishna 3, 4, Chapter 6, Mishna 1 The importance of anonymous charitable giving and other considerations to avoid embarrassing the recipient of charity. Who is honored? One who honors others! (Ben Zoma, Avos 4:1) The Sages …

  • Topics covered: Chapter 5, Mishna 1, 2, 3 Nehunya was a righteous well-digger. Why was his daughter saved from drowning, but his son died of thirst? What are the “afflictions of love?” Tales of the Houses of Gamru and Avtinas, …

  • Topics covered: Chapter 4, Misha 5, Chapter 5, Mishna 1 The Temple always wins in business transactions. Fifteen officials who served in the Temple are mentioned by name as exemplars of their office. One was Petahya, who was also known …

  • Topics covered: Chapter 4, Misha 4 Coming out of 8th day Passover and a Moshiach Meal, we ask how do we bring this infinite light of the Almighty into the rest of the year? And how does this connect with …

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