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  • Holidays Shavuot Special Edition: A Lesson From Ruth
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  • Featured 🛎 AT Daily! #1623 🌙 👁 The Fertile Crescent and The Evil Eye 🧣 Bava Metzia 107
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  • Heroes Tale Of Two Brothers: Albert Goering
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  • Humor The Aisle Seat 🤣
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  • Torah Shavuot Edition: A Unified Nation
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  • Table For Five Beha’alotcha: The Divine Presence
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  • Chapter 9, Mishna 8Topics covered:If farmer/tenant says he’s going to plant wheat can he plant legumes?Can person eat fruit from neighbor’s tree branch that hangs over his property?What is problem with buying land near a town?What is relevance of the …

  • Chapter 9, Mishna 6, 7, 8Topics covered:What if owner owns multiple lands and all of them get wind-blasted, how does this effect rent owed by tenant?What if only fields of tenant farmer were windblasted?What if it’s Jubilee or Sabbatical year?How …

  • Chapter 9, Mishna 4, 5, 6Topics covered:What is tenant farmer’s responsibility to owner re: weeds?How unproductive does field have to be before tenant farmer can walk away?How much produce is enough to form a pile?What is law of winnowing shovel?What …

  • Chapter 9, Mishna 2, 3 Topics covered: If one rents an irrigated field and th spring dries up, does he still owe the full rent? If a sharecropper takes on a field, but doesn’t actually farm it as he agreed …

  • Chapter 8, Mishna 8, 9, Chapter 9, Mishna 1Topics covered:What if father dies within 30 days of firstborn son’s birth and it’s unclear if son was redeemed?What are laws of borrowing utensils?What if landlord rents out house and it falls …

  • Chapter 8, Mishna 7, 8Topics covered:What is landlord’s responsibility to renter?Who owns manure on property?What is renter’s responsibility?Who’s responsibility is mezuzah?Who owns mezuzot once renter leaves?Is any part of manure is owned by renter?What if renter’s animal poops in owner’s …

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