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  • Holidays Moshe Storch Sings to God!
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  • Featured 🛎 AT Daily! #1248 🐄 Who Owns A Wandering Cow? 🪶 Gittin 20
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  • Heroes The Jewish World War I Hero: Benjamin Kaufman
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  • Humor Beggars at the Vatican
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  • Torah Nasso: Different Tribes, Same Gifts
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  • Table For Five Beha’alotcha: Cloud of Glory
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  • Topics covered:Chapter 2, Mishna 3What if scribe of Torah scroll makes a spelling mistake and writes YHVH without proper intention? Can scribe write over mistaken letter in get? Are most bills of divorce in the world invalid (per Rav Hisda)? …

  • Topics covered:Chapter 2, Mishna 3With what, and on what, may we write a get? What if the ink subsequently disappears? What if the get is destroyed after the wife receives it, but before she reads it? What if the husband …

  • Topics covered:Chapter 2, Mishna 2Can a get with imprecise date be considered valid? How much specificity does date require? When does get from overseas take effect? From when does one begin counting 3 months after divorce that woman can remarry? …

  • Topics covered: Chapter 2, Mishna 1, 2 Can hands be ritually pure if washed in halves? Can two people immerse in mikvah at same time and be ritually pure? Does pouring/immersing drawn water make you ritually impure? Can sick person …

  • Topics covered:Chapter 1, Mishna 6, Chapter 2, Mishna 1What is status of gift before it reaches recipient? Is saying “deliver” the same as “acquire” in this context? If both sender and recipient died before gift acquired, who gets the money? …

  • Topics covered:Chapter 1, Mishna 6How does one take possession of movable property? How are requirements different for deathbed request? Can owed money be transferred to another person? What about one who says give bill of divorce/manumission on deathbed? If deathbed …

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