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  •   Topics covered: Chapter 6, Mishna 2, 3 What if the one who didn’t join in a courtyard eruv dies on Shabbos before renouncing his rights – may his heir renounce them? Rav Nachman says yes. Multiple challenges are brought …

  •   Topics covered: Chapter 6, Mishna 2 We’ve learned that one who did not join a courtyard eruv before Shabbos began may renounce his rights in the courtyard so that he won’t restrict the others from carrying there. How exactly …

  • Topics covered: Chapter 6, Mishna 1 Who were the Sadducees and Boethusians? Why did Rabban Gamliel’s father tell his Jewish neighbors to hurry up and use their alleyway on Shabbos before the Sadducee used it and took back the rights …

  • Topics covered: Chapter 6, Mishna 1 Why is it that in the neighborhood where two Sages as great as Rabba and Abaye lived, no eruv had been established?! And why did Rava not hold like Shmuel on the question of …

  • Topics covered: Chapter 6, Mishna 1 Three situations brought for clarification with respect to Shabbos and the law of eruv: 1) two houses separated by a public domain are enclosed in a new private domain by partitions erected by a …

  •   Topics covered: Chapter 6, Mishna 1 On Shabbos, may we “rent” the rights in a shared courtyard of a Gentile so the Jews can carry there on Shabbos? Rabbi Yochanan says yes. Shmuel does not allow this under certain …

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