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  • Topics covered: Chapter 4, Mishna 4, 5 Three multi-home courtyards in a row can establish a joint eruv by depositing food in a basket in one of the homes in the middle courtyard. If the outer courtyards make separate arrangements …

  • Topics covered: Chapter 4, Mishna 4 Does an object owned by a non-Jew at twilight on Friday acquire its own Shabbos “dwelling” and boundary, limiting how far it can be carried by a Jew on Shabbos? R’ Yochanan says yes. …

  • Topics covered: Chapter 4, Mishna 4 We have a series of principles about whom the law follows in certain disputes. For example, when Rabbi Yehuda disagrees with Rabbi Shimon the law follows Rabbi Yehuda. Rav Mesharshiya holds that these principles …

  •   Topics covered: Chapter 4, Mishna 4 Why did Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi rule that 1) the law accords with Rabbi Yochanan ben Nuri’s lenient opinion in his dispute with the stringent opinions of multiple rabbis regarding the Shabbos boundary …

  •   Topics covered: Chapter 4, Mishna 2,3,4 Who is permitted to leave his Shabbos or Festival boundary? What happens when he gets there and fulfills his mission? If he’s a soldier, may he continue to carry his weapons? May we …

  •   Topics covered: Chapter 4, Mishna 1, 2 Lost in Torah study, Nechemya wandered out of his Shabbos boundary. Rav Chisda pointed it out to Rav Nachman, who answered, build a human enclosure connecting him to his boundary so he …

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