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    • Topics covered: Chapter 3, Mishna 1 A story for the ages, literally! Honi the Circle-maker was a saintly miracle worker who nagged God on behalf of others. All his life he was puzzled by a verse from Psalms that compares …

    • Topics covered: Chapter 3, Mishna 1 The great deeds of simple people like Abba the Bloodletter. Rabbi Beroka often had conversations with Elijah the Prophet in the marketplace. Once he learned about the special place in heaven reserved for a …

    • Topics covered: Chapter 3, Mishna 1 Ilfa and Rabbi Yochanan sat under a shaky wall while angels discussed their fate. Only Yochanan heard them. Nachum Ish Gam Zu always said, “This too is for the best,” and boy, was he …

    • Topics covered: Chapter 3, Mishna 1 The memorable Tale of Rabbi Elazar and The Ugly Man. “Go to Uman.” Don’t stand under a shaky wall, i.e. don’t place yourself in danger where you might need a life-saving miracle, and the …

    • Topics covered: Chapter 3, Mishna 1 So far we’ve been talking about fasts decreed due to delay of the rainy season in ancient Israel. What other kinds of calamities caused the leaders of communities in that time to decree fasts …

    • Topics covered: Chapter 2, Mishna 1 More laws about fasting and eulogizing on date mentioned in Megillas Taanis as well the day preceding and the day following those dates. Shavuos observance and the Boethusians. Nicanor and Chanukah story. Trajan and …

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