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  • Holidays Shavuot Special Edition: A Lesson From Ruth
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  • Featured 🛎 AT Daily! #1595 ⛵️ If Your Rented Boat Sinks 🧣 Bava Metzia 79
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  • Heroes Embodiment Of Heroism: Roi Klein
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  • Humor The Great Debate
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  • Torah Shavuot Edition: A Unified Nation
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  • Table For Five Emor: Eye For An Eye
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  • Chapter 6, Mishna 2Topics covered:What is relevance of worm rot?If rented donkey is seized by govt, when is it the renter’s problem and when is it owner’s problem?When does owner have to provide another donkey to renter?What does “that which …

  • Chapter 6, Mishna 1, 2Topics covered:When workers walk off a job, do they get paid for work already done?Can they be penalized for financial loss to the employer due to the walk-off?Does it depend on whether workers are available to …

  • Chapter 6, Mishna 1Topics covered:What is relevance of artisanal laborers reneging before performing task?What if employer reneges?Who is at more disadvantage, employer or employee who reneges?What if employer hires laborer to work field but laborer works the wrong field?If middleman …

  • Chapter 5, Mishna 9, 10, 11Topics covered:What are terms of renting out or lending field to sharecropper?What is the difference between making an agreement before sharecropper started work or after?What is relevance of the sharecropper bringing his own seed?When is …

  • Chapter 5, Mishna 8Topics covered:How long is rental period associated with an unspecified mortgage?Can two Jews be linked in an interest bearing transaction through a gentile?If seller assumes risk that wine barrel will spoil, is that problematic re: interest?Can seller …

  • Chapter 5, Mishna 7, 8Topics covered:What if gentile takes out loan with interest but then becomes Jewish before loan is paid off?Why can’t there there be an antedated promissory note?Can there be a postdated promissory note?When can liened property be …

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