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  • Topics covered: Chapter 8, Mishna 1 Still searching for that elusive proof that an uncircumcised man may not eat food consecrated as second tithe. Texts unders consideration now include the “animal tithe” brought by shepherds. Also the amazing story of …

  • Chapter 8, Mishna 1 Working through the connections between teruma, second tithe produce, Passover lamb and first fruits with regard to stringencies like the prohibition to eat/benefit while ritually impure, uncircumcised, past deadline, etc. The Torah does not list all …

  • Chapter 8, Mishna 1 How is it possible that the Jewish males born in the wilderness during the 40 years of wandering were not circumcised? During times of danger in later Jewish history, adult males would “draw the skin forward” …

  • Topics covered: Chapter 8, Mishna 1 What is the connection between an uncircumcised priest, who may not eat teruma, and an apostate or uncircumcised Jew, who may not eat Passover lamb? May a father who neglects to circumcise his son …

  • Topics covered: Chapter 7, Mishna 3, 4, Chapter 8, Mishna 1 What are the collateral consequences (with respect to eating consecrated food) when people have extra-marital affairs, whether proven or rumored, whether resulting in a mamzer child or not? How …

  • Topics covered: Chapter 7, Mishna 3 How does a woman become disqualified from marrying a priest or eating teruma, food consecrated for the exclusive use of priests?   #Judaism #halacha #Torah #family #God #Talmud #wife #widow #mitzvah #marriage #peace   …

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