🛎 AT Daily! 481 – 👮‍♂️ If Your Nephew Is A Cop, Beware! 🐐Yoma 18

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Chapter 1, Mishna 3 Elders prepped the High Priest for a week before Yom Kippur, intellectually, emotionally and physically. They reviewed his Torah obligations for the big day in case he’d forgotten or never learned them. How could one become a High Priest who never learned these laws? His fellow priests elevate him happily, or they should. He knows their sins when he makes atonement for them – likened to your nephew who becomes a cop, and knows too much about your personal business! They show him the animals he’ll bring as offerings on Yom Kippur, but not the goats. Why? Azazel is a place, not a spiritual entity. Some sages took temp wives while on the road. Why?

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