🛎 AT Daily! #271 – 🛣 The Short Road Versus The Long Road – 🏘 Eruvin 53

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Topics covered:

Chapter 5, Mishna 1

How did the Sages establish the edge of a city with regard to Shabbos boundaries? They would extend the border to encompass protrusions. The word extend, me’abrin, can be spelled with an ayin or an alef. Does it matter? Yes! For all Torah depends on proper use of language. Lessons can be learned from nuances with respect to the Cave of Machpela, and the new Pharaoh who didn’t know Joseph. Rabbi Yochanan shares that he only learned two things from his first 18 days with Rabbi Oshaya the Distinguished: how to spell me’abrin and the hearts of his 12 fellow students! What is a heart of wisdom? Why did the earlier sages possess bigger hearts of wisdom? What did Rabbi Yehoshua ben Chananya learn from the boy at the crossroads about the long and short road vs. short and long road?

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