🛎 AT Daily! #272 – 👩‍🦰 The Female Sage Who Taught Her Elders A Lesson! 🏘 Eruvin 54

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Topics covered:

Chapter 5, Mishna 1

Meet Beruria, the female sage who proves her self as a Torah scholar from a young age despite living in a very patriarchal society. The original editors of the Talmud open a series of wisdom teachings with two from Beruria for a reason. How do we retain our Torah learning? By letting it enter our bodies as well as our minds, i.e. by speaking it out loud. Torah is also good for the body, like an elixir of life. To retain it, one must also be humble. It is like a fig tree: there is always a ripe fruit there waiting to be picked. How was the Oral Law transmitted at Mt. Sinai? What was Rabbi P’reida’s reward for teaching his student as many times as necessary for the student to grasp it?

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