🛎 AT Daily! #270 – ☠️ Acher: The Sage Who Went Bad – 🏘 Eruvin 52

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Chapter 4, Mishna 5, 6, 7, 8 What are the requirements of the “traveler,” who is allowed to declare his Shabbos dwelling with his mouth, and even just his intention, whereas everyone else must either deposit food or actually stand in the intended place as Shabbos begins? If you leave your Shabbos boundary intentionally you may not come back. “Acherim” provide an exception: if only one foot went out, he may reenter. Who are Acherim, Others? This term refers to Rabbi Meir. Possibly because he opposed Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel, the Nasi, head of the Sanherdrin, in a colorful incident. But that may be the reason so many of R’ Meir’s mishnas are unattributed. Rather he may be called Acherim when he conveys the valid teachings of his teacher, Rabbi Elisha ben Abuye, who went bad – very bad – and came to be called Acher, the Other. Acher’s story is a great lesson in how the brightest among us can intellectualize their desires, and fall so very low. Yet even though they will be punished for their deeds, God never ceases to long for their return, because He loves ALL his children.

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