🛎 AT Daily! #269 – 👨‍🦳🧔 Rabba And Rav Yosef Were Walking And It Grew Late… 🏘 Eruvin 51

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Chapter 4, Mishna 5 One on the road as Shabbos approaches may declare a particular landmark as his dwelling IF he has the possibility of getting there by nightfall, even if by running. One who doesn’t know the landmark may rely on his companion who does. Did Rabba mislead Rav Yosef into accepting this teaching by ascribing it to Rabbi Yosei? How did the Sages derive that a person is limited to walking 2000 cubits from his dwelling on Shabbos? For this we look to the law of the accidental man-slaughterer, Cities of Refuge and Cities of the Levites. The pauper may establish his Shabbos dwelling with his feet. May the rich man do likewise? Can I declare a specific tree to be my Shabbos dwelling while I’m sitting on my couch?

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