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  • The Extraordinary Death Of Eddie Dinkowitz

    “A former member of our community has died. He had no family, so there will be no shivah. If anyone wishes to attend the burial, please see me after the meeting.”

    I heard this from my rabbi during a board meeting at our synagogue. It made me sad, and I felt worse when I learned more about the deceased.

  • A Jewish Journal Cover Story: The Accidental Talmudist

    My voyage through the sea of Talmud began with a miracle and ended in transformation. I joined 90,000 Jews at MetLife Stadium to celebrate the completion of the  7 1/2 year cycle.

  • I Sobbed For A Stranger

    The Jewish world is not one of half measures. The highs are Mt. Everest high – like dancing the hora at a wedding – and the lows are Death Valley low. 

    As a hopeless romantic and generally joyful Jew, I tend to race toward those highs. I know darkness exists. I don’t hide from it. I just try to counteract it with light.

  • My Beliefs About God In 100 Words

    My rabbi challenged me to write my theology in 100 words. This is both harder and easier than it sounds. I highly recommend the effort.

  • A Miracle So Obvious The Skeptics Looked Silly

    One of the tragedies of my misspent youth is that I missed years of meaningful connection with the wisdom of my tribe because I thought I was “spiritual” and Judaism was not. Lacking that ancient connection, I sought spirituality in meditation, rowing, martial arts, and the Grateful Dead.

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