🛎 AT Daily! #191 -🤱🏽 Whatever a Woman in Labor Requests, We Do! – 🕯🕯 Shabbos 129

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Closing Chapter 18 with Mishna 3, when a woman gives birth on Shabbos we provide anything she requests, even if it’s for her emotional and mental comfort rather than to save her from physical danger. We also override Shabbos to perform a bris, circumcision, on baby boy’s eighth day of life. Even if a blind woman requests a light we kindle it for her, and certainly we light a fire if she’s cold. Bloodletting was a common procedure in Talmudic times, and a person was vulnerable afterward. The Sages give several remedies and permits for such a person to preserve their health. One who neglects his health, Heaven does not pity him when his health falters. Mental and emotional comfort for the sick plays an important part in their healing, and that’s why visiting the sick is such an important mitzvah.

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