🛎 AT Daily! #192 – 🎉 Commandments Received with Joy Are Still Performed with Joy! – 🕯🕯 Shabbos 130

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Opening Chapter 19, what happens when a cricumcision falls on Shabbos? We perform it. Rabbi Eliezer says we violate Shabbos to carry the scalpel if it was not brought before Shabbos, and we even manufacture a scalpel if none can be found! Rabbi Akiva rules that we only override Shabbos to perform those aspects of the procedure which cannot be performed before Shabbos, and the law follows Akiva. Apropos of minority opinions that were followed locally for a time, we learn that R’ Yosei HaGelili permitted poultry to be eaten with milk. He gave a good argument, but eventually the rabbinic ban on eating poultry and milk together became universal in the Jewish world. Eliezer’s ruling included an alternate procedure for times of danger, when Jews could be killed by Romans for practicing their faith. Thank God we live in a time when we are free to fulfill our obligations as Jews. Mitzvahs that were originally received with joy are still performed with joy, mitzvahs that we sacrificed our lives to peform remain firmly rooted in the Jewish community. I was caught off guard by Brandon Sullivan who noted that the Children of Israel did NOT practice circumcision for 38 years in the desert, though God and Moses were both immediately present. And it’s true! More on this tomorrow…


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