🛎 AT Daily! #180 – 🌞 13 Spectacular Teachings of Rabbi Yosei! – 🕯🕯 Shabbos 118

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Involve yourself in Shabbos prep! How many meals are we obligated to eat on Shabbos? Three. How do we know that? We may wash Friday night plates for Shabbos lunch, but we may not wash the plates from third meal on Shabbos afternoon, for use after Shabbos. Amazing rewards for eating three meals on Shabbos, and for delighting in the holy day, and for guarding its laws. If all Israel would keep two Shabbats in a row, the Messianic Age would arrive! 13 special teachings of the great and righteous Rabbi Yosei,including one which is problematic: he ascended to the platform alongside the Kohanim, though he was not a Kohen, which is prohibited. Why does he teach that episode to us?

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