🛎 AT Daily! #179 – 🥮🥮 Two Challahs on Shabbos Like Rav Kahana! – 🕯🕯 Shabbos 117

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Topics covered:

Drawing the connection between saving a Torah, its casing and whatever else is inside the casing from a fire on Shabbos, and flaying a Passover lamb on Shabbos when Passover falls on Sunday. If saving a Torah on Shabbos, to where may we carry it? A closed alley, meaning an alley turned into a private domain by an eruv, i.e. the presence of at least a post beside or a beam over its opening, so people can carry there. We may save some food from a fire on Shabbos – enough for our meals during that Shabbos. How many people are we feeding? May we invite guests so we can save more food? Analogies are brought to a barrel that broke on a roof and a mother sheep and its lamb that fell into a pit on a Jewish holiday (when slaughtering and cooking are premitted), to see if the artifice of “planning” to invite guests is permitted. We learn from Rav Kahana that we bless two challahs and break one at a Shabbos meal, and from Rabbi Zeira that we break off enough bread to make a meal out of it if necessary.

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