🛎 AT Daily! #134 – 💋 Guilt-offering vs. Sin-offering – 🕯🕯 Shabbos 72

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Topics covered:

Asham, guilt offering, distinguished from the chatas, sin offering. Three categories of asham offerings: 1) nazirite/tzara’as, 2) asham of uncertainnty and 3) the definite asham. Highly specific case of the Canaanite slave who was half-free and betrothed to a Hebrew slave. Liability to bring the definite asham is not like the chatas. Awareness and even intentionality does not bear on the definite asham. Ulla and Rav Hamnuna. Case of one who goes to pick up detached plants and accidentally severs (reaps) an attached plant on Shabbos, distinguished from case where he meant to cut detached plants and severed an attached plant. Abaye vs. Rava. Bowing to an idol 1) by accident, 2) out of respect for authority while not thinking it’s an idol, and 3) only out of love or fear for a person who worships the idol while thinking inside “I don’t revere this piece of wood or stone.” Abaye vs. Rava.

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