🛎 AT Daily! #133 – ❤️ Meet the Mensch: Rabbi Yochanan – 🕯🕯 Shabbos 71

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A person ate two pieces of cheilev, fobidden fat, in one lapse of awareness. He realizes the first piece was off limits, and then later realizes the second piece was prohibitted too. R’ Yochanan says he brings two sin offerings, Reish Lakish says he brings one. Let’s learn about R’ Yochanan! His life story includes: orhpaned at birth, remarkable postivity, no interest in the material wealth he inherited, studied from the greratest minds in Israel, and became the leading Torah authority in the world. Was head of the academy he established in Tiberias for 80 years. Became “author” of the Jerusalam Talmud, and his teachings cited 1700 times in the Babylonian Talmud. Discovered Reish Lakish when he was a bandit, educated him, and was blessed to have the second greatest mind in the Torah world as his learning partner. Upon his death, Yochanan saved Acher from Gehenna. And the law follows Yochanan in the matter of eating two pieces of cheilev in one lapse of awareness.

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