🛎 AT Daily! #347 – 🗝 KEY DAF! 🩸 Your Blood Is Not Redder Than His!🍷Pesachim 25

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Topics covered:

Chapter 2, Mishna 1 We learn the prohibition on benefitting from a meat/milk mixture from the prohibition on planting diverse kinds together. We may heal ourselves when life is in danger with any substance that is otherwise prohibited for benefit EXCEPT items that have been used for idolatry. We also may not murder or engage in forbidden sexual relations to save our own lives. We learn this with respect to forbidden sex from the law that we may not murder another to save ourselves, because murder and rape are linked in the Torah. From where do we derive that we may not murder another to save ourselves? Logic! No person’s blood is “redder” than anyone else’s, thus no one is more valuable than anyone else.

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