🛎 AT Daily! #1130 🌞 Part of a Day Is Like a Whole Day 🍇 Nazir 15

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Topics covered:
Chapter 2, Mishna 9
Vow of nazirus with “if a son is born” conditions and multiple terms of nazirus. Must be enough time to grow hair so that it can be shaved. Negating days and owing days from first term of nazirus. Can a day count for both first and second terms of nazirus? Counting part of day son was born toward original term of nazirus. Interruption of nazirus. Comparison to shiva or shloshim interrupted by festival. When part of a day counts for a whole day in family purity laws. After immersion woman can eat paschal sacrifice, but what if flow starts again? Does she observe Pesach Sheini? Does being ritually pure for part of the day mean she was ritually pure for the entire day? Ritual impurity conveyed retroactively.

nazir #nazirite #wine #vow #ziva #mikveh #tumah #tahara

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