🛎 AT Daily! #1327-1328 🪙 The Importance of Silver 💍 Kiddushin 10-11

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Topics covered:
Chapter 1, Mishna 1
When does sexual intercourse create betrothal? Does intercourse that was interrupted create betrothal? Is it the beginning or the end of intercourse that creates betrothal? Does betrothal through intercourse also create marriage? What are legal differences between betrothal and marriage? Does priest become impure (inorder to bury her) for betrothed wife if she dies before marriage? Does a woman’s father or husband have more rights/obligations regarding her? Can a child be betrothed? Can woman betrothed but not married to priest eat terumah? Can a discovered blemish annul a betrothal? What is minimum monetary value that can create betrothal? What is the meaning of one sela?

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