🛎 AT Daily! #1310-1315 📝 At Last! The Elements of a Valid Get 🪶 Gittin 82-87

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Chapter 9, Mishna 1-7
What does word “ellah” mean in the context of this mishna? Can husband stipulate that divorced wife can’t or must marry a certain person? What is an uncertain divorce? What does “taiku” mean with respect to dilemma about divorce? Does woman perform yibum if she marries brother of man she was stipulated not to marry? Can something be permitted/prohibited to one person but not others? What is the meaning of expression “scroll of severance?” Can it be that what one prohibits another permits? Can man give his wife to another as a gift? Can husband stipulate wife can’t marry someone not born yet? How does this compare to a stipulation that she not marry a gentile? What are three flaws in a get that can nevertheless lead tochildren of unflawed lineage? What happens when one agent delivers two identical gets (couples have same names) and the gets get mixed up? What if two gets written on same paper?

Opening song: Rainforest sounds

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