🛎 AT Daily! #320 – 🎩🧢 Are Some Hats Prohibited On Shabbos?! 🏘 Eruvin 102

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Topics covered:
Chapter 10, Mishna 12, 13, 14
Which bolts may be used to lock a door on Shabbos? Which hinge pin may be restored if it fell out of a door on Shabbos? Which cloths may be hung to provide privacy on Shabbos? Which hats may be worn on Shabbos? At issue is whether one is erecting a tent, thereby violating the Torah prohibition of “building” on Shabbos. Regarding a bandage which fell off on Shabbos, the issue is whether replacing it constitutes a new act of bandaging and the concern is that one will come to smear ointment on the skin, which violates the prohibition against “smoothing” (scraping away stray hairs) which is involved in the process of tanning animal hides.

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