🛎 AT Daily! #290 & 291 – 🏠 Bed Or Table – Which Makes A Home? 🏘 Eruvin 72 & 73

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Topics covered:
Chapter 6, Mishna 4, 5, 6
Residences that share a courtyard must contribute to an eruv, or none of the residents can carry in the courtyard on Shabbos. But what constitutes a residence? What if people share a building, but occupy distinct spaces separated by partitions? Brothers who eat at their father’s table but sleep in their own houses – do they occupy separate residences for purposes of the eruv? Do we look at the place one sleeps or the place one eats? If five courtyards share an alleyway, and the residents contribute to an eruv that merges them into one, do they also have to contribute to the eruv of their own courtyard?

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