🛎 AT Daily! #289 – 🍷🍷 Partners In Wine, Partners In Kind 🏘 Eruvin 71

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Topics covered:

Chapter 6, Mishna 2, 3

What if the one who didn’t join in a courtyard eruv dies on Shabbos before renouncing his rights – may his heir renounce them? Rav Nachman says yes. Multiple challenges are brought against his position, including the case of one who acquires property just before Shabbos that was left ownerless by the resident who dies, but Rav Nachman prevails. New Mishna concerns a case where three residents whose courtyards open into a shared alleyway did not make an eruv, but nevertheless get the benefit of a “virtual” eruv because they co-own wine and/or oil. Rav, Rava, Abaye and Rav Yosef quickly jump in to explain and limit this ruling.

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