🛎 AT Daily! #233 –  🦌When Does A Deer Become A Document?  🏘Eruvin 15

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Topics covered:

Chapter 1, Mishna 4, 5, 6

May we use pre-existing structures or trees to adjust a mavoi, allleyway for carrying on Shabbos? Abaye and Rava disagree. May we create mechitzos, partitions, from them for our sukkah or around a well in a public domain? What if we have a lechi, side post, to permit carrying in a mavoi and the lechi falls down? Incident with Rav and Rav Huna. May we use a living animal as a lechi? Rabbis and Rabbi Meir disagree. May we write a bill of divorce, a get, on a living animal? Rabbis and Rabbi Yosei HaGelili disagree. May a get be given with coinditions? A caravan stops in the wilderness on Shabbos. May we carry within our encampment? Depends on ratio of mechitzos to breaches…

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