🛎 AT Daily! #232 –  👀Go Out And See What The People Are Doing – 🏘Eruvin 14

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Topics covered:

Chapter 1, Mishnas 3, 4 How wide and how sturdy must a koreh, crossbeam, be in order to adjust a mavoi, alleyway, for carrying on Shabbos? Does it still work if a mat is draped over it? Can two inadequate beams combine to form a kosher beam? What if the beam is curved? What if it’s round? What was the Sea of Solomon? How tall and wide must a lechi, side post, be in order to adjust an alleyway for carrying on Shabbos? What if it’s placed halfway down the alley rather than at its opening? How concerned should we be that people will carry past the point of demarcation? Rabbi Yosei was in the minority on side posts, yet Rebbi and Rava followed him because Rabbi Yosei is almost always right. So should we follow him or the majority? Abaye answers, “Pok Chazai! Go out and see what the people are doing.” The wisdom of the village is rarely wrong, and they held by the majority view on the thickness of side posts.

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