🛎 AT Daily! #248 – 🍖 How Much Meat Is Too Much? 🏘 Eruvin 30

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Topics covered:

Chapter 3, end Mishna 1

How much of certain foods is needed for an eruv? Relish – enough to accompany two meals. Non-relish – enough to make two meals. What about roasted meat? Dispute arises from the fact that most people only eat roasted meat in conjunction with other foods. Persians, however, sometimes make a full meal of roasted meat alone. Do we establish the minimum amount according to this small group, or the majority of the world? We review min. measure of cloth to contract ritual impurity and old people to make en eruv with less food than the average person because they need less food for a meal. End of the day, we treat roasted meat like a relish. Why was Rav Yosef called Sinai? May I make an eruv from food I vowed not to eat? What if I vowed not to benefit from that food? Are mitzvahs considered a benefit to us? Emotionally, YES! Legally, no. And we may not benefit from a grave.

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Opening song: Niggun Nevo by Shlomo Katz

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