🛎 AT Daily! #247 – 🍎 Four Entered Paradise—Why Did Ben Azzai Die? 🏘 Eruvin 29

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Topics covered:

Chapter 3, Mishna 1

Community eruv relies on a basket of food just like eruvin of Shabbos boundaries and courtyards. May we establish an eruv with raw beets? Rava was feeling sharp like Ben Azzai, so he opened himself to questions. Who was Ben Azzai? Why was he unable to gaze on the Divine Presence and live? Different outcomes for Akiva, Ben Zoma and Acher. Rava was asked how many apples needed to establish eruv. He questioned, and do we establish eruvs with apples? Need two meals worth of food for eruv, or at least the value of two meals, same as the law for giving charity to the poor. Don’t skimp. Give at least two meals worth or value thereof. May we use onions? Yes, but one fellow got himself in big trouble with onion leaves!

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