🛎 AT Daily! 526 – ✌️ Not One, But Two Spectacular Tales From The Talmud! 🐐Yoma 69

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Chapter 7, Mishna 1 Apropos the question of whether priests could wear their consecrated garments outside the Temple, we encounter two amazing stories. 1) When Alexander the Great met the High Priest Shimon the Righteous, it turned out Alexander had been dreaming of his face for a long time, and this saved the Temple from destruction at the hand of the Samaritans. 2) When the exiles returned from Babylonia, they prayed for the evil inclination toward idolatry to be removed from their midst… and it was! So they prayed for the evil inclination toward illicit sex to also be removed, and it was, but with unexpected and highly negative consequences…

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