🛎 AT Daily #980 🧂 Kindness Is The Salt of Wealth 📜 Kesubos 66

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Topics covered:

Chapter 6, Mishna 1, 2, 3

A husband is obligated to preserve the wealth his wife brings into the marriage. He is entitled to ownerless objects she finds. Is a father obligated to provide a dowry for his daughter? If he offers it, and his prospective son-in-law dies, is the dowry owed to the next groom? Does a bride receive some of her dowry back for her own use? Why did the daughter of Nakdimon ben Guryon fall to such a lowly state?


#ketubah #dowry #husband #wife #betrothal #marriage #maritalrelations


Opening song: Costa Rica Nigun from Big Avoidos via @tyhashem


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