🛎 AT Daily! #879 👩🏻 Rights and Duties of the Daughters of Levi 👰‍♀️👰‍♀️ Yevamos 86

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Topics covered:

Chapter 9, Mishna 2

Betrothal, pregnancy and levirate bond with a Yisroel are enough to disqualify a priest’s daughter from eating teruma, but the same relationships with a priest are not enough to qualify a Yisroel’s daughter to eat teruma. The same principles apply to Levite’s daughter, according to the opinion that only Levites may eat of the Levite’s tithe, but that’s a minority opinion because the Levite’s tithe does not possess inherent sanctity, and may thus be eaten by anyone after it is given to the Levites as their possession.


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Opening song: Yissa Brocho by Rabbi Baruch Chait

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