🛎 AT Daily! #1210 👶 Even The Babies Were Singing! 🙎‍♀️ Sotah 30

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Topics covered:
Chapter 5, Mishna 1
What is first and what is second tithe? How does food impart impurity and what level?
Can challah be taken from ritually pure dough for the sake of impure dough? How is this done? How did Jews recite Song of the Sea? Why are there three verbs about them singing? How could fetuses sing about the miracle if they couldn’t see it? Did Abraham act from love of God or fear or both?
What is difference between those who perform mitzvahs out of love versus out of fear? Is it better to serve God out of love or fear?

sota #adultery #adulterous #strife #jealousy

Opening song: Rainforest sounds

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