🛎 AT Daily! #1188 📐 As You Measure Others Shall You Be Measured🙎‍♀️ Sotah 8

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Topics covered:
Chapter 1, Mishna 4, 5
Sotah’s journey to jerusalem with the two witnesses. Judges warn her to admit it if she’s guilty because she’ll live. But if you’re innocent drink the bitter water. If after judge’s warning she admits she did it, she then signs statement that she isn’t entitled to anything in marriage settlement and they are divorced. Do we learn from this that we issue receipts for paid debts rather than tear up the promissory note? Where does she stand for the ritual of humiliation in the Temple courtyard? Can you bring two sotahs to drink at same time? Are we concerned that naked sotah will arouse onlookers? Evil inclination is tied to our eyes, not to things we imagine but things we see. Why are her hair and body uncovered? To warn other women. But we don’t expose women sentenced to the death penatly. Why is is ok here? Who watches? All people or only women? Concealed acts of sin are ultimately revealed in public.

sota #adultery #adulterous #strife #jealousy

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