🛎AT Daily! #215 –  🗝KEY DAF! 🗓How To Repent One Day Before You Die – Shabbos 153

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Topics covered:

Chapter 23, Mishna 6, Chapter 24, Mishna 1

R’ Abbahu says the souls of the righteous shuttle back and forth between this world and the World of Souls for a year after death. Rav says that if a eulogy makes people cry, the deceased was a righteous person with a share in the World to Come. Rabba was unlikely to have people cry at his funeral because he was so truthful in rebuking people for their transgressions. He said it’s enough for him if his closest colleagues, who understood what he fearlessly sacrificed, would cry for him. The ultimate compliment: if they say at your funeral, live your life like this person. FAMOUS: Rabbi Eliezer says, repent one day before you die. Since no one knows when they’ll die, this leads to repenting every day. Not debilitating, shameful repentance, but healthy examination of one’s deeds. Parable of king who invited servants to feast without specifying the time. We may not work our animals on Shabbos. What if Shabbos falls and we’re on the road? What if carrying a pouch of money? 

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