🛎 AT Daily! #207 – 🕍 The Feud And The Snub That Brought Down Jerusalem – 🕯🕯 Shabbos 145

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Topics covered:

Chapter 22, Mishas 1, 2

Difference between olives/grapes and other fruits in terms of squeezing liquid on Shabbos. Fish brine, pickled veggies and boiled veggies. Digression based on a teaching of the School of Menashe re testimony acceptable to free a woman with a missing husband to remarry. The awful boiled chicken of Rabbi Abba and other differences in taste between the Jewish community of Babylonia and the that of Eretz Yisroel during the Roman occupation. The curse that followed the destruction of the Temple. Because tonight is Tisha b’Av, we go over the Gittin 55b for the story of Kamtza and bar Kamtza and the humiliation that led to the war with Rome, the destruction of the Temple, and the exile we still endure today.

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